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Stop ads on facebook

How to stop ads on Facebook news feed?

How to stop ads on Facebook news feed?

When we are using the internet then we search many websites, facebook pages, youtube channels and much more. We also like many sites and pages. Therefore, facebook judge our interest and related ads put at our timeline/news feed. In this article, you can learn that how to stop ads on facebook?
Because most ads we won’t see with our family and friends. Facebook is very popular site and a lot of people used it for enjoyment and many purposes. When we are using the internet, we have run into targeted ads. Most websites are analysis our activities and collect all our personal information liking, clicking, viewing, buying and purchasing and send us related ads at our news feed.
Many friends were asking about the block of these advertising ads. So, we have to make a tutorial about stop ads on facebook. There is a helpful post for stop this kind of tracking. And anytime, we can block these ads from facebook. For this, Facebook has added this setting to our main setting area in profile. And we can easily turn off all ads on our timeline and news feed.
You can also stop these ads in mobile. A just little setting changes between the computer and mobile setting. Main setting sections are same but setting places are different from each other. For this purpose, you can see the video tutorial from below section of this article.

So, let’s start.

Follow these Steps and stop the tracking.
First of all, Login in your facebook account.
Now click on down arrow in the right corner on the top where log out button. Then click the option of setting. A new window will be open and you see the “Ads” button in the left side column. Click the button of “Ads”.
Now you will see the ads setting. Change the setting with some changing. Here is another sites advert by friends. You will see all sections are by default setting with “Yes” option. Some options may be by default setting with “On”. So, Change all section with “No” or “Off” option.
Now the every ad will be disabled from your news feed. You can enjoy the facebook without any ads.
This tutorial is about stopped ads but next time we will try to make a tutorial about blocking sexy pages on facebook. So, wait for our new tutorial about this problem.

Step # 1


Step # 2


Step # 3



Watch this Tutorial on Youtube

Watch this Tutorial on Facebook


We have to try to explain everything about how to stop ads on facebook and its blocking method or usage of setting at facebook in the tutorial and in this post, but if you have any problem in ads section and setting area, then click here for the facebook official site help service.
Even if you are confused in these processes then feel free to ask me using the comment below or contact me on FACEBOOK. I will try to solve your confusion.


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